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Iron & Sulfur Removal & Disinfection
  • Removes iron and Sulfur  and sterilizes well water.

  • No more rotten egg odor, iron taste, and green black color.

  • Make water fit for domestic use.

  • Low  capital cost, fully Automated, Simple to Maintain

  • Quality Equipment, Easy to Operate Small Footprint.

S.O.S.  Septic Odor Solutions - Septic Bio-Reactor

Septic Odor Solutions is a cost-effective system that will eliminate odors, rejuvenate failing septic systems.  The S.O.S. System will significantly reduce or potential eliminate the need to have solids pumped out and extend working life of your septic system. S.O.S. is the most affordable, simple to install low maintenance Bio-Reactor on the market. PLUG & PLAY. Compatible to any system.

Advanced Oxidation Wastewater Treatment  

Highly Efficient Adavanced Reduction-Oxidation Technology (H.E.A.R.T.) - used for the destruction of BOD in Wastewater.  Consuming only electricity, it is possible to consistently achieve. treated water with no bacteria; less then 4 ppm TSS; BOD less then 10 mg/L.  No chemicals are required. 

frac  com  mud (2).png
"waterStrider"  Frac Flowback Fluid Treatment                            for water re-use

waterStrider treatment removes oil, sulfide, bacteria, metals, and suspended solids from frac water, making it reusable for a fraction of the price of current fresh water use at fracking sites. In doing so, the environmental impact and costs associated with fracking are dramatically reduced.

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